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Century City.....

Hey everyone.....

I'm sorry that I didn't update this journal earlier.....I had some homework to do and I never got around to it.

Anyway, today is Dylan's birthday. There are no parties planned for this year. That doesn't surprise me. Tonight, Shannon, his girlfriend, invited him to Red Lobster. I guess the important thing is that he's having a good time on his birthday.

True love is so foreign to me.....I mean, seriously.....Maybe I just need to be patient for the right girl God sends me. I could also be more open.....

College just isn't the same as last year. I don't really have as many people to talk to as high school.

What I really need on this journal is more friends. Yes.....more friends.....

Well, nothing exciting really happened today. Okay, maybe one thing. I called Brendan and left a message on his cell phone, inviting him to the Weird Al concert. He responded later when I found a message on my cell phone.

Well, I guess I'll try to revive my social life, to begin with.

Oh yeah, Century City came on tonight. New show. I guess it was okay.....

I guess this dreaming writer is sighning off again.....

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