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Happy Birthday, Mom!

That's right.  Today is my mom's birthday.  It would be best not to mention her age.  All I can say is that it's too old.

The plans are still up in the air for what she wants to do on her birthday.  She can't really do anything with our grandma living with us.

As for homework, I don't really have too much to do.  I guess I will enjoy myself tonight and continue through my cycle of reading my stories.  My goal is to get to the vacation chapter in The Money Thief before I go to New York City.  The whole idea is for me to read that chapter on the way there.  The story cycle schedule is as follows:

Week 1 (6/05/2005 - 6/11/2005): Finish The Brick Building/A Long Quest.

Week 2 (6/12/2005 - 6/18/2005): Finish Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy.

Week 3 (6/19/2005 - 6/24/2005): Finish Graduation Day II in The Money Thief.

As for my music, I have another deadline.  By next week, I want to be able to have a playlist of the CDs I want to listen to put together. 

That about wraps up my plans for now.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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