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June 3rd, 2005
02:43 pm


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Another weekend of work.....
I know that it's been about a week since I last updated.  I have just been busy lately with stuff.

Anyway, I have to work for yet another weekend.  The only difference this time is that they have me working on Monday.  What they need to know is that I go to college during the week!  Fortunately, the time they had me work didn't conflict with my schedule.  On Thursday, however, I needed them to change that since they had me working from 11 to 7.  I could not do that at all since I went to college all day.

Fortunately, I only have to work on Saturday next weekend.  That will be a relief!

I have yet to start on "The Master's Chronicles".  My nameless character is itching for a name and even with a name, it needs less boundaries than that.

I need to do something that will open up my creativity.  That creative channel is dry and I need to get it flowing again!  My project last year at this time was working on "The Money Thief".  I was in the middle of thinking of Jefferson Four-Year Academy's Graduating class of 2030.  I had to think of 1,750 names (which was 5,250 names when I included the first, middle, and last names!).  I need a source of inspiration. I think that I will pray for this......

I need more characters, some towns, and a much more detailed plot.

Work is just around the corner.  I'll have more updates soon.....and oh yeah!

There are only 3 more weeks in the spring semester! ^_^

Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Final Fantasy VIII - Martial Law

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