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The Aftermath.....

I've got one word to say about ROTS: Awesome!  I may be tired from last night but it was worth it.

What actually happened yesterday was that I didn't go over to my friend's house.  When I called him, he told me that he was waiting in line for the movie.  This was around 7:00.  He told me that there wasn't a line yet.  I decided to go to the movie theater and wait with him and his friends.  I brought my Gameboy Color with me and played it for only a short time.

mulanlang told me about the anime convention that he went to in Rosemont, Illinois.  He took a whole lot of pictures there and he got some free manga.

Anyway, about the movie.  The time that I got there was around 7:15.  A few other people got in line early as well.  Three of them were cosplayers.  One girl was dressed up as a female jedi and another was dressed up like Padme.

The line actually started to form at 9:00.  While I was waiting in line, I watched Episode I and Episode II on the televisions hanging above.

There was a lot of fun and commotion.  This was especially true as the line got longer and longer.  I even heard that the line wrapped around the outside of the theater! I'm glad that I was in the front of the line.....

Finally, at around 11:20, they opened up the screening rooms.  I marked my seat when I got in the theater and went back to get some popcorn, some coke, and some reese's bites.

However, when I bought my food, I had to get back in line to return to the theater!  I went to the back of the line with my brother and we waited to get back in.

It took ten minutes, but I finally got back in. The time was around 11:40.

At around midnight, all the previews played.  After that, Revenge of the Sith finally played! It was worth the wait. It filled in the holes left from the previous movies.  Overall, it was a good show.  It bridged to the middle trilogy pretty well.

The movie ended at about 2:30.  I didn't go to bed until 3:30.  I only got two hours of sleep.

I'll now take it easy before my next class.  I'll surely sleep well tonight!

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