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One down, seven to go..... - Enter the world of a writer's dream..... — LiveJournal Links [MEFC] [Left Behind Series] [Shadowmancer] [Are you a good person?] [VGDC] [GameFAQs] [Wikipedia] [MULANLANG.COM] [My facebook] [Need some quiet time?] [Andy's Blog] [My Blog]

May 13th, 2005
01:02 pm


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One down, seven to go.....

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Date:May 13th, 2005 12:45 pm (UTC)
You shouldn't think too much when you write. I've been learning that myself and in this one book Immediate Fiction the guy says the first draft or several drafts...is well going to be...crap. I should know. ^^ You have your good days and then your not so good days writing. Just don't worry when you sit down to write and just write.

For me I have to plan my book out, some writers take years doing this. i hope I don't. I am coming up with scene by scene but not a 'detailed' scene timeline thingy. Like if something changes while writing, I'll go with the flow and come back to it later to see if it is needed.

The best thing that helped my writing improve over the years was just reading as many writing books as possible. Immediate Fiction is great by the way. And How to Grow a Novel. But I recomend Immediate Fiction most of all. Every writer should have a copy.
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