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3 hour shift.....

Today at four, I have a 3 hour shift at work.  That will be quite weird since I haven't had a shift that short before.

Anyway, on Friday after work, I went with my family to Ghengis Khan Mongolian Barbeque.  It was really good.  In that restaurant, you get a bowl when you walk up to the buffet.  After that, you go to the meat buffet and fill your bowl with your choice of lamb, rib-eye, crab meat (it's actually pollack), calamari, lobster pieces, chicken, pork, turkey, mahi mahi, scallops, etc.  After that, it's off to the vegetable buffet, where you put any selection of baby corn, scallions, mushrooms, onions, eggs, cilantro, peas, etc. on top of your meat.  Next, you take two small cups: one for the sauce and one for spices.  You take your bowl with those cups to the next buffet table where you can choose from a variety of 10 or more sauces.  There's Szechwan, General Tso's Sauce, Seseme Garlic & Ginger, Buffalo, Teriyaki, Black Bean, Fajita, and more!  I would strongly recommend that you don't use more than two sauces.  After doing that, you take your last cup to the spice table and fill it a tiny bit of the way with your choice of salt, pepper, white pepper, cajun powder, chili powder, onion salt, curry powder, etc.  After doing this, take your bowl of meat and vegetables and cups of sauce and spices to the circular counter and the cook will take the contents of that bowl and cook it on a large circular grill.  He will cook using your sauce and your spices.

It was so good to eat there!  I went up there twice.  On the second time, though, I made a mistake.  I told the cook that I wanted ALL of my spices on my food.  Big mistake.  It was so spicy that I couldn't finish it all!  I mean I could, but I would be feeling very sick if I ate all of my overspiced food.  A word of advice if you go to a similar Mongolian Steakhouse: use only a tiny bit of spices. Don't fill your cup to the top.  Fill it about a fourth full or a fifth full.

I basically had press day yesterday at Delta.  I ONLY went to that event for the extra credit.  I didn't really care for the event otherwise.

That's pretty much it.  Now to enjoy my last three hours before work.....
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