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Today is me lucky day.....

Aye!  That's right, laddie!  Today is St. Patrick's Day!  All of you better be wearing green today if you want to avoid being pinched!

Well anyway, the agenda for me today is to start working on me paper for Computer Competencies.  I'll at least want to start on the paper!  I'll be gitting a good amount done today, I hope.

And what's next, you say?  Well, there really isn't too much for me to do, laddie.  I will definitely make wise use of me time.  I think that I will read more of the bible.  I don't have too much to go before I finish Jeremiah.  I think that I will also read more of me fifth Left Behind Book: Apollyon.  I haven't touched that book in ages!  Now that's a shame, isn't it?

On a side note, I will definitely want to study for me News Writing test on Monday.  Don't want to do bad on it, oh no!

Tomorrow, I will be touring CMU!  I'll be able to frolic around the campus that I'll be attending in the fall.  Won't that be a sight to see, eh?

Well, I've got to git me paper started.  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you laddies!  Aye!  Me writing here is done!

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