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Another Birthday.....

That's right.  There is yet another birthday this month.  I guess that March really is the month for birthdays, eh?

It's my friend mulanlang's birthday today. As of today, he will be turning 20.  Today, I'll be going to his house later for his party.

As for the Downhere concert, it was a blast.  I saved my friend Tony a seat and we all saw the concert.  About an hour in to the concert, this guy named Brian talked to us about getting to know Christ.  He mentioned that he used to be in the mafia.  He also defined what a Christian was (Brian's Definition: Someone who's bananas for Jesus).  After that, Downhere played a few more songs and the concert ended.

A little background about Downhere.  They are a Canadian band that was formed at their Christian college in Canada.  The name "Downhere" refers to the fact that we are down here on this earth during our lifetime.  From a handful of songs, I would say that this band's style sounds a little bit like U2.

Well, tomorrow's my lucky day! Also, Friday is the day that I tour CMU.

Happy Birthday, mulanlang! Enjoy the first day in your second decade of living!

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