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March 11th, 2005
11:14 am


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Happy Brithday Dad!!!!
Yup.  It's my dad's birthday today!  ^_^  He will  turning.....well.....I better not mention his age.  Let's just say that he'll be turning a little old today.

Knowing him, I know that it's really hard to shop for my dad.  If he wants something, he just goes out and gets it.  My mom will be shopping for him today.  I think that I'll go with her and turn in my applications that I have done for some other places.

There will probably be some company over later.  Most likely, it will be the Langs.

The cake that dad wants is white angel food cake.  My mom made that cake for him last night.

Well, what to do today.....I played pilotwings and won it last night.  Today, I think I'll write my preliminary rough draft and actual rough draft of my story for News Writing.  I'll then finish off the work for that class.  I guess I'll just take it easy after that.

Dad's birthday will be exciting.  I'll be touring CMU in a week.  Until then, I'll celebrate today.  Happy birthday, dad!!!! ^_^

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Final Fantasy VII - The Gold Saucer

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