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December 30th, 2004
09:39 am


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Purpose Driven Life.....
The book that I'm reading right now is "Purpose Driven Life", by Rick Warren. It's pretty good so far. If you haven't read yet, it's worth checking out .

The other books that I'm reading are Apollyon and Shadowmancer. While I only finished a chapter in Apollyon, I also got through a chapter of Shadowmancer. The characters in that book include Beadle and Demurral. In the beginning, Demurral was in pursuit of finding the only two Keruvims (small golden angel-like statues) that exist in the world. With these Keruvims, Demurral says that he will have the power of God. At the end of the chapter, he couldn't find the other one.....It's pretty good so far.

I also started thinking of ideas for my epic story yesterday. I didn't make much progress since I spent much of my time playing The Sims 2.

Well, this is the last day of the year that I work! My other workdays include January 1, 2, 8, and 9.

This year is coming to an end. Better think of some resolutions.....

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Final Fantasy IX - Cid's Theme

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Date:December 30th, 2004 08:29 am (UTC)
The Purpose-Driven Life is quite good. I have to agree.
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Date:December 30th, 2004 11:12 am (UTC)
Adam I read that book about 2 years ago... and his parents are members of Pastor Rick's church. ^_^; He's a wonderful pastor -- we went whenever we visited his parents. Very good choice for a book, though!
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Date:December 31st, 2004 12:14 pm (UTC)
I agree. I'm on day 3 so far.....
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