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Winding Down.....

Well, I was able to conquer MGS3: Snake Eater last night. Overall, the "Snake" tasted delicious. However, the hardest pieces to chew was when I had to get through the Snake vs. Monkey missions. With that, I had to get the highest times in all 5 missions if I wanted to get the monkey mask and banana camouflage. With that, I have one distraction out of the way. Now I can do some more reading.

There are 3 days left in the year. With that, I have to think of some New Year's resolutions. Here is the list thus far:

  1. Finish reading Apollyon  (X)
  2. Begin reading Shadowmancer and finish it (X)
  3. Emerge from the dull, robotic shell of a person I was during the heptic fall semester  (O)
  4. Begin working on my epic story (name?)  (X)
  5. Savor all the time I can enjoy   (O)
  6. Go to bed at a decent hour  (1/2 O)
  7. See at least one movie   (X)
  8. Think of a few New Years Resolutions   (X)
  9. Fufill more of what God wants me to do  (X)
  10. Be a bolder and stronger Christian  (X)
Man, I'm in pretty bad shape. I need to finish this list (at least most of it!).

I'm all ready for work. I work from 11:00 - 4:00 today. After that, another break. The grind continues.....

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