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Busy busy busy!

As of tonight, I am about done with my lab in Meteorology! I also need to work on my paper in Philosophy and study for my Psychology test! That's about where I am right now.

Anyway, on a side note, I went to Genji with my brother and mom and we all went to the sushi bar part of the restaurant. It was really cool! At the bar, you could see the two guys making the sushi right in front of you! ^_^

Well, I had a Yellowtail Roll and a Spicy Rock N' Roll. My brother had a Genji Roll and a Rainbow Roll. My mom had an Alaskan Roll and some Lobster salad! The Spicy Rock N' Roll had some jalapeno seasoning(?) some eggs, and some other stuff I can't really think of! I just know that it was good! The Rainbow Roll had some sashimi on the top. 

When I was there, me and my brother traded sushi and I gave a couple of mine to my mom. Looking at the Spicy Rock N' Roll, it was HUGE. It had like 10 rolls and was pretty much the most expensive maki sushi you could get! It was worth it, though.....

What is your favorite kind of sushi (that's if you ever had sushi)? Is there a roll in particular that you like? I'm just wondering.....

Now to go watch some TV. I need a break....

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