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November 4th, 2004
04:12 pm


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One week.....Where has he gone.....?

Well, I'm right here. I have been quite busy lately.

Since I haven't been able to say it, Happy Halloween, All Saints Day, and Election Day!

Looking at this journal, I place it as something secondary. If I am able to get my homework done, I can get on this journal. That pretty much explains why it has been so long since my last entry. I wanted to focus more on my work and then, if I have time, type on this journal. This journal isn't my life so I just use this as a journaling tool.

I would very much like to apologize the way I acted from my last entry. It was a pretty rough time, huh? Whether it was rough or not for you, last week was definitely different.

I guess it looks like Bush will be president for another 4 years (YAY, if you're a Republican; NO, if you're a democrat, from a different party, or just hate politics in general! < ^_^)

Oh yeah! I registered for my winter classes yesterday! Here are the classes that I will take in the winter:

  • News Writing
  • Computer Competencies
  • Introduction to Business
  • Principles of Economics II (Microeconomics)

That course load totals 14 credit hours! Oh, and I also applied for a Minor in Business! Since I don't really know if I want to pursue Journalism, business would be a good thing to fall back on just in case.

Well, I guess it's going to be a normal weekend. I guess I'll be working on homework and playing The Sims 2. What do you think about the game? Have any of you played it? The simulation genre may not be for you but I have really gotten into it (since The Sims 1!)!

Well, that's what I have for now. I recently came up with an idea for an RPG-like novel series that chronicles the history of a foreign planet from the very beginning incorporating my beliefs. There will be more on this later.....

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Final Fantasy IX - Cid's Theme

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Date:November 4th, 2004 10:13 pm (UTC)
I played the Sims on my computer once but I got annoyed at having to pick up trash over and over...lol. I think my characters got married and their hot tub exploded. I like the role playing more so with Fable on my XBox, especially now that I've studied the guide book some and have learned how to flirt, fart, and marry!
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