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Yay! Cedar Point!

Well, that's how I felt when I went there on Friday.

Anyway, here is a short yet detailed summary of the things that I did at Cedar Point.

  1. On the way there, it was raining. Ughh.....>_<
  2. I entered the towers in Hotel Breakers with my family and went to the 8th story. We went to room 8244 and found.....a SUITE! OH YEAH!! ^_^
  3. There were two rooms. One had a linen closet, a table with four chairs, a kitchen area with a microwave, sink, coffee maker, mini fridge, cabinet and drawers, two sofa beds, a night stand, a cabinet with a TV and VCR, and a walkout balcony (with a screen around the outside). There were two windows facing the roller coasters in this room. The other had a king-sized bed, a TV, and a whirlpool. There was one window facing Lake Erie (just like the balcony) in this room. Between the two rooms was a bathroom with a sink. There was a sliding door that led to a smaller room with the toilet and shower. The entrance to the room had a closet.
  4. My brother and me went with my sister and her friend Melissa and used our nighttime passes to get into the park. I rode the Magnum XL 200 (Stingy rain, ugh!), Power Tower (Still Cold.....), Iron Dragon (Better.....), Mantis (Not too bad....), Millennium Force (Ahhh! Numbness! >_<), Pharaoh's Secret (Haunted House, only got scared once! Not that scary.....), Wicked Twister (Better.....), and Magnum XL 200 (No rain, much better! ^_^).
  5. I shared a Jalapeno pretzel with my brother. Mmmmmm....!
  6. We all spent the night at the Hotel Breakers Towers, my family and Melissa.
  7. Next day, it was windy. We got ready to go. My brother and me left for the park an hour early.
  8. They were sold out of gloves at the hotel! Upset, my brother and me left the hotel and entered the park an hour before it opened.
  9. Rode the Millenium Force (A lot better!)
  10. Bought gloves at the Speed Zone store, next to Top Thrill Dragster (which wasn't operating!). Hands are a lot happier! ^_^
  11. Rode Disaster Transport (Cool lighting inside!), Magnum XL 200 (Better than yesterday!), Corkscrew (Good ride!), Gemini (Nice! ^_^), Cedar Creek Mine Ride (Too Small! Wasn't worth the long wait! @___@), and the Mean Streak (Nice Ride - very windy!)
  12. My brother and me bought a jalapeno pretzel and ate it (mmm....!). We also bought some lemon-lime sherbet dippin' dots (me) and some orange sherbet dippin' dots (my brother).
  13. We got our hands stamped and left the park.
  14. We went back to the room with the dippin' dots and shared them (mmm again!).
  15. We settled down in the room.
  16. We left again around 7:30.
  17. My brother and me went with our parents to the park. The girls went alone.
  18. We entered the park. We all went on the Ferris Wheel (Very windy at the top! My dad was scared stiff!)
  19. Walked through CarnEvil (A fright zone - wasn't that scary).
  20. Walked through Lair of the Vampire (Not scary! Weird room made me dizzy! heh....)
  21. My brother and me separated with our parents. Agreed to meet them in the room at 11:00.
  22. Rode Mantis (Better than yesterday! ^_^), and Magnum XL 200 3 times in a row (There was no line (With about 50 people as the exception!) I called it "the park's best kept secret" at the time! The wind wasn't too bad!)!
  23. Went back to room. Got ready to go and eat.
  24. Went with family and Melissa to TGI Fridays. Ate cajun chicken strips (yummy! ^_^) Had Oreo Madness for dessert (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!)
  25. Went back to room and fell asleep, tired from the day.
  26. Woke up, got ready, packed up, checked out.
  27. Bought Cedar Point-opoly at gift shop.
  28. Left Cedar Point and said goodbye to it.
  29. Stopped at Fuddrucker's in Flint. Had a Buffalo Chicken sandwich with large fries (one word, cheese........heh heh.....)
  30. Arrived at home and that's the trip!

Well, I hope that's enough! I had a lot of fun on this trip. Any questions? Please ask them if you have any!

Now to finish some homework for Philosophy.....

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