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I just finished doing a whole bunch of homework for today. My inconsistences come from the load of homework that I had to get done.

Today, I studyed Philosophy, Lifelong Wellness, and Creative Writing. I managed to get some reading assignments done and one written assignment. I also went to my Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Our instructor wasn't there so there was a substitute. It was a pretty good meeting over all. We covered James 3:13-17 and talked about the wrongs of being self-seeking.

As for next weekend, I am going to Cedar Point! I am going with my family and we will be staying in the 9th story of the Hotel Breakers Tower! The ninth floor is a suite and this is great since I've never seen this part of the hotel before! (You can't access this floor unless you have a keycard to that floor). However, I have to work this weekend. >_< Well, at least I get paid for the 9 hours I have to put in this weekend! And, there are a whole lot of new people there. There has been so many new people there since school started. I guess the ones that worked during the summer quit and they needed more people to work 20 hours per week.....

Well, that's the news for now. I'll keep you updated.....

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