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Stuffy nose! Ugh.....

Last night was not that desirable for me. Somehow, I got this bad cold. It gave me a stuffy nose and it was terrible.

While I was praying last night, I asked God if he could reveal himself to me. I'm thinking that he already did. He has clearly done that through this cold. I think that he gave me this cold to draw me closer to him. When we are weak, we are more vulnerable and really yearn to be with God more. We rely on him as our comfort and our strength. I think that God wanted me to have this cold to show me who he is.

He also gave me this cold to test me. When we show faith to God, he sometimes leaves so that he can test us. He does this to strengthen our faith. He loves us so much that he is willing to do this to keep us close to him. In the bible, it mentions that Job was blameless and upright and that there was no one in the world like him.With that, God allowed Satan to take everything from Job. While Job was hurt by this, he still praised God regardless. This was also done a second time when Satan made Job's health poor. Job still praised God after that. With that, Job's friends came by his side and assisted him.

One of Job's friends told Job to confess his sin to God. This didn't make any sense since Job didn't lose his wealth and health by sinning. Job lamented asking many questions that he did not understand. He even regretted the day he was born! His friends gave him advice but he refused it. Job still trusted in the Lord and did not want to follow any of his friends' wrong assumptions.

Finally, God answered Job. He asked Job a series of questions that no one, not even Job could answer. Job told God that he spoke of things that he did not understand. Since Job remained faithful to God, he was rewarded even more than what he had before.

Looking at that story, I can say that I was tested last night. It was hard for me to rest and I had a terrible cold. I was sneezing a few times and my nose was stuffy. I had to get up in the middle of the night to take some nasal decongestant. I felt like God and his angels were all watching me, seeing how I fared with being tested.

Today, my nose is still stuffy, but it's not as bad as yesterday. This cold will be gone eventually. I just have to be patient.

Before Lifelong Wellness, I was scrambling to get my paper typed. I decided to work on it this morning instead of yesterday. It was 8:00, two hours before Philosophy. Since Philosophy ends at 11:30, that only leaves a half-hour before Lifelong Wellness. This means that I only had 8:00-9:45 to work on it. In that time, I tried to get everything typed as fast as possible. I also knew that there was a 5 point quiz over the 7 chapters as well. After I typed my paper, I printed it, stapled it, and rushed out of the library. It was 9:50: 10 minutes before Philosophy.

Fortunately, I managed to make it there on time. I discovered that there was class in Philosophy after all. I thought that there was a political debate, but that's not until Wednesday. I knew that nothing was due in the class. But I wish I would've read Hellenistic and Christian philosophy. I also found out that he will assign our first paper in a week. Well, that's relief.

Toward the end of the class, we had to answer some questions pertaining to God and his existence. When we compared the answers with the person next to us, there was something that concerned me. Larry, the person next to me, mentioned that he believed in God, but he didn't believe in the Bible. He thought that those stories were made up by people trying to explain our history. I didn't have much to say to him but what I believed, and that was it. I didn't have that much support but I do now, after thinking about it a few times in my head. Why would anyone think that the Bible contains fictional stories? If the stories were fictional, where would the truth be? Since fiction contains lies, would that mean that Larry considers the Bible false and brimming with lies?! Where is the basis for Larry's belief in God if he doesn't believe in the facts that support his belief? In 2 Timothy, it mentions that the scripture is "God breathed". If Larry doesn't believe in the stories of the Bible, how can he believe in the one that wrote it?

Larry also told me that there can be good people that don't believe in God. I find this statement erroneous since none of us are good people. We are all guilty of sin and have been saved by the grace of God. The only problem is that not everyone is accepting this gift of grace. If you don't believe in God, you are rejecting the very grace that can actually save you. If Larry thinks that he knows what he's talking about, he's wrong.

Looking at Larry I have compassion for him just as God does. If God wills Larry to change, he will change. I am only human and Larry can make his own choices. Only God can change Larry's heart. I can't do that.

After Philosophy, I got a quick lunch and switched into my fitness clothes.

When I got to Lifelong Wellness, I was expecting to turn in a incomplete paper. I wasn't finished with my assignment yet. Fortunately, our instructor had a new syllabus typed. He told us that he would make a new one two weeks ago. I found out that the assignment that I worked so hard on at the last minute was due in two weeks on the new syllabus. The quiz I was supposed to take today was next week! This was great. I knew that God was with me. He probably caused that change to happen!

After we took some notes, we did a body assessment. I found out that I had 18% body fat, which is pretty good for me! I thought that my body fat was higher.....

The other assessment measured our V02. We had to walk as fast as we could without jogging in the hallway for three laps (one half-mile). He then gave us our time and we had to find our pulse. My time was 5:40. My pulse was 200 beats per minute! I am really out of shape. I need to have a much lower heart rate.

Well, that's it for now. I will now begin typing my short story for Creative Writing: Fiction. It is not due tomorrow. I am hoping to make excellent progress on it.....

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