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Teppenyaki = GOOD!

Earlier tonight, I went with my family to a Teppanyaki-style restaurant. My grandparents are visiting so we decided on that restaurant. In two days, it would've been a month since I was here! I ordered the Genji roll, which had crab meat in it (I think). I then decided to try something different on the appetizer menu. It just happens that they did have edamames (I wasn't looking that well last time)! I requested that they served it cold but later on I found out that they only served them hot.

Other then the sushi and edamames, I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken. That meal, like all other meals, came with onion soup, house salad, cooked vegetables, a couple small cooked shrimp, a mound of fried rice, and the main course.

Unfortunately, the chef wasn't as talkative as the one we had last time. Oh well.....I guess the food made it well worth the trip.

For dessert, I had a scoop of green tea ice cream. I joked around and said that it was wasabi-flavored ice cream. I mean, the texture and color of the ice cream is the same!

One other thing about the edamames. For the first one I tried, I didn't eat it right. I ate it pod and all. However, on the second one, I peeled the pod open and ate the soy beans inside. To me, they kind of look like lima beans! From our dinner, we brought home the ones that we didn't finish. I guess I will be able to have them cold after all!

It's now time for me to read my homework and head to bed. Oyasumi!

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