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August 25th, 2004
11:06 am


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My sister's first day.....

Today is my sister's first day of 11th grade. This will give me some time to work on my story while she's gone.

Yesterday, my sister was on the computer a lot so I played Chrono Cross to pass the time away. It was good to play again since I didn't play in a while. I don't know if you ever played it but it has a pretty good story throughout the game.

Well, I am now going to work on my story. Later on today, I have to work from 4 to 8. I'll keep you updated and let you know if I finish it.....

Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: Chrono Cross - Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World

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Date:August 25th, 2004 09:48 pm (UTC)
Only five mo' days 'til we go back. LOL. It's our sista's first day back.
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