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Live to the music.....

This morning, I have really been thinking about my current state. I mean, since high school, it hasn't been the same. @__@ I knew that my perception of things were not the same as then.

I mean, I have prayed about this matter. The problem is when I have so much hope to begin with, it slowly fades away. It's a cycle that I am entangled in.

Today, I decided that it was time to "break the cycle". I wrote down all the things that I didn't have much of. Before I went to work, I decided to find a whole collection of songs for my next CD that I want to burn. I laid down all my CDs on my bed and chose from my favorite songs. Music, especially Christian music can really be helpful.

One other thing that I did was compare my life to an RPG. The only difference in the RPG of life is that you can't choose your character. Someone already chose you as a character. God made that decision. After I thought of that, it was off to work......

With college at the end of the month, I should have opportunities to make new friends. I really would like to work on "breaking the cycle" and continue to pursue my passion in writing.

Well, Amazing Race is on tonight. I will then go to bed after that. Good night, journal!

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