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I get my crowns today! Yay!

That's right......Today is the day that I get my permanent crowns. I no longer will have to chew food on both sides of my mouth! For all of you who don't know, here's what happened......

In late January, I caught a really bad flu bug that my sister had. That night, I threw up until I became dizzy. It was really terrible! I was in such shock that I let out a scream and fell on the floor.I was glad that I did scream. When I came to, I saw blood on my face and my two front teeth were chipped! My head was lacerated! My parents came to help me (oh, BTW, this happened around 2 in the morning!) and my dad took me to the emergency room. My sister came since she was a witness of the situation.

At the emergency room, I had 7 stitches put in my head, which were in for 10 days (they're out now).

The following Monday after the incident, I went to the my dentist and he capped the two front teeth. He scheduled a date that I would get my temporary front teeth put on.

That next Monday, his assistants made a mold for the permanent teeth and placed some temporary front teeth in my mouth. The mold would be sent to a lab in California to make my permanent teeth, which would take a month before I received them. The temporary teeth was only good for looks. The teeth couldn't be used for chewing at all.

That Tuesday, I got my stitches removed as well.

Today, I finally can go to the dentist to get my porcelain crowns (venirs) put in. This is soooooo great!

This dreaming writer is signing off again!

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