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30 Whopper Juniors and 20 Cheeseburgers! *_*

The very beginning of my job was very busy yesterday. It turned out that someone ordered 30 Whopper Juniors and 20 Cheeseburgers! I at first thought that the person at front cash made a mistake. It wasn't a mistake! >_< Okay, it wasn't that bad. I wasn't the one making ALL of them.

Anyway, some people can be so impatient. "M" always seems to pick on me. Not in a mean way, though. He always seems to be impatient. Even if it's toasting an Angus bun. I think that he's like that with a lot of people there. I like "Y" better. He's more easy going and better to work with.

Well, I got to get ready for the day. I think I will work on my story, read, and play some PS2.

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