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I know that it took about 4 months but they are finally here. The piccys from my trip to Chicago are in. I would've shown them to you earlier but it took FOREVER for my mom to develop the last of the pictures. Well, here are the pictures on my trip to Chicago.

This picture tour begins on the tour bus. In the center, you can see my brother. In the back of the bus, you can see me to the right. My sister is to the left.

Yeah, I know that this picture is slanted. In this shot, I am sitting next to my mom.

In this shot, you can see the streets of good ol' Chicago. I think that this one was taken on the bus, still.

Whoa.....Here's a shot of one of the skyscrapers (name?) that we took on the tour.

Here's a view of the Sears Tower on a foggy day. Luckily, I was able to go inside it on the next day, when it wasn't foggy.

Here's another view of the Sears Tower on the next day, before it became foggy again.

Here is a group shot of me and my family at Shedd's Aquarium. You can see Doug in the dark area in the left. He is our friends' only son.

Here is another shot of me with my family and my parent's friends. Dad wasn't in this picture since he was taking it.

This is the same shot only my mom is taking this picture.

Our picture tour ends with, ah.....A beautiful view of the Chicago skyline.

All in all, that Chicago trip was amazing.

Now I'll go work on my story. I have a list to complete.....

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