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I don't know how you computer geeks do this. I have tried my own ISP. I have tried yahoo. I even set a web page on geocities only there's one problem: That site is very unstable! I'm all out of options! I can't show you any pictures. @___@ I'm sorry. If I was more computer literate, I could make a REAL website so my pictures can be displayed there. I never thought that posting pictures was so hard! If you want to know what one of my pictures look like, they look like THIS!

Yup, a broken picture. A white box with a red "x" don't tell you much about my trip in Chicago, huh?! I wanted this to be fun, y'know? Now it has turned into something totally frustrating.

Well, I guess I'll do something else. If posting pictures were easy, I could post them no problem.

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