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Kyle as Spiderman? Go figure.....

Yesterday at work was okay. When I got there, I was given a "request" that I volunteered for.

The request was that they needed someone to dress up as Spiderman at the other Burger King across town. This would be from 4:00 to 8:00 and I would have to work 4 more hours if I did this task. I still volunteered anyway.....

The managers told me that I could leave at 3:30 so I can get to the other Burger King to be Spiderman at 4:00. I took my check with me and left, since I wouldn't be coming back.

When I arrived there and put the costume on, I made a discovery after wearing it for 10 minutes. It was hot in that costume! >_< I then went outside and waved at cars that left the drive-thru. It was even hotter out there! T___T Yeah....It was terrible being in that hot costume....meh.....Well, it wasn't the costume, but the mask that was hot.

After two hours of being in that costume, I already wanted to leave. I didn't tell this to the managers there. I just kept waiting. I wasn't just hot, y'know? I was very thirsty and hungry.....>_< During the rest of this time, I got a couple pictures taken with 2 different families. I mean, it was okay when the kids were around. Other than that, being Spiderman sucked.

Finally, an hour later, a manager called me in the back. She told me to take off that mask and get something to drink. Whew! I more than gladly took that mask off and got a medium coke. She also told me that she would let me know if any kids were out in the dining area. She just wanted me to cool off.

With 85 minutes left in my shift, I just sat in the chair in the back for a while. This Burger King was different from the one I usually work at. It's newer than the one I was used to.

Half an hour passed. There was 55 minutes left in my shift. At this time, we haven't had any kids in couple hours. This is when the manager told me that I could go home. I told her that she needed to call the other Burger King first to clock me out. After she called the other Burger King, the managers over there clocked me out. I have worked 8 hours in all.

Before I left that Burger King, the manager offered me a free meal since I had to drive over there. I took an 8-piece chicken tender meal with an order of king-sized onion rings and king-sized drink. I got my drink in the back while she prepared my food. I also had to refill my gas. Since this Burger King had a gas station, I filled up there.

Having not looked at my check yet, I looked at my check and found that I made MORE than I thought! ^_^ After that, I went home.

I have to work today from 4:00 to 8:00. I just don't want to be Spiderman again! I'll get ready and maybe I can get sushi with Brendan before I work, and see a movie with him after I work. That's it for now.

I'm hoping to have Chicago pictures later. I just need a way to "tag them".

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