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Back in business.....

Yup. That's right. It's offical.....I've returned to working on my stories. A little earlier this morning, I jotted down some ideas for Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy, the book that I want to edit before I even decide to send it to a publisher.

That means that The Money Thief will be worked on as well. It's quite interesting. For that story, I am working on an A-Z (last name) list of students in the senior class. You see, in my story, Mike and Zentroz, my children, are graduating from Jefferson Four-Year Academy. This academy is the most prestigious academy in the world. It is even more prestigious than Phillips Exeter Academy. In this Academy, there are 7000 students that attend. That means that I need to think of an A-Z list of 1750 students. I was in the Fs when I last worked on it.

Well, I gotta go! Can't be late for Economics! 

This dreaming writer is signing off again!
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