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More progress! w00t!

Last night, I was finally able to complete the F's in Jefferson Four-Year Academy's Class of 2030. My kids, Mike and Zentroz are graduating on top of the class! I'm so happy for them! (Well, at least in the story, heh.....:P) Well, The Money Thief is a really fun story and I'm enjoying working on it.

Today, I had to work outside with dad on the roof! We had to unload shingles on the roof. There was a truck that had an elevator, which went up to the roof. It is kind of like a conveyor, only this conveyor is going upward.

Well, I'm not too happy with the way this internet is working! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! >_< I've tried a few times to access this website but the browser said that "this page can not be displayed". Thank goodness I was able to get on this site!!

Well, I'm going to read my stories and work on The Money Thief. I hope this internet doesn't give me anymore problems. Baka browser!

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