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My writing history.....

If you ever read my interests page, you would notice that I included "A Long Quest", "Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy" and "The Money Thief". Why did I include these interests? All of them are stories I wrote. There is actually an interesting story behind it.

It all started when I was in fourth grade. Outside the window of my school was a brick building. My fourth grade teacher gave all of us an assignment to write a story about what is inside that brick building. I happened to write a short story appropriately titled The Brick Building. My teacher liked it so much that I read it in front of the whole class. Eventually, I added a second and third part to the story.

I didn't just stop with The Brick Building. I wrote some other stories along with it. Some of these stories include Henry's Revenge, Dylan's Revenge, Henry's Return, and The Time Machine (Not H.G. Well's version). In fifth grade, I wrote Henry's Return. In sixth grade, I wrote The Time Machine. The interesting thing is that I still have the notebook from fourth grade that I wrote all those stories in! Heh....:P

After writing The Time Machine, a year passed. It was then that I decided to do something that I never did before with a story. I wanted to write a full-length story. All my other stories were short stories so I wanted to write one complete story. This led to the creation of A Long Quest. This story opened with me living a ho-hum boring life in seventh grade. I was working on my English homework when I appeared in front of Henry. He threatened to kill me but my brother told him to let me go. He did, alright! He sent me to the other side of the universe, on a adventure that I would never forget! This story is 67 pages long, in size 16 Times New Roman font. I worked on this story in the summer, after my seventh and eighth grade year.

In ninth grade, I wanted to work on an epic story. Once again, I wanted to do something that I never did before with a story. I wanted to write a long, unabridged, story. This caused the creation of a mammoth story. This story is called Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy. This story opens many years later. Now with children, I happily live with my wife Zoria in a two-tower 45 story mansion in Manhattan. Wondering about what I will do next, Zoria asks about my next journey. I happen to have an idea on where my journey would take me next. It would turn out to be a journey to relive my days as a teenager. Little did I know that I was about to go on my biggest epic journey yet! This story is 436 pages long, in size 14 Times New Roman font. The story spanned four sections. I worked on this story in the summer, after my ninth and tenth grade year. However, I am not satisfied with the turnout of this story. There's been some problems with it and now I need to rewrite NEARLY the whole story! @__@

In the fall of eleventh grade, I wanted to write another story. This time, I just wanted to write a shorter story. This led me to create The Money Thief. This story opens with the fact that my kids, Mike and Zentroz, will be graduating very soon. I currently have 80+ pages in size 14 Times New Roman font. I am not done with this story yet! >_< Currently, the time-line would look like this: The Money Thief Project - 2001-???? @__@

In my stories, Henry is mentioned in almost all of them. He is the character that I created in The Brick Building, my first story. He is my arch nemesis throughout my series.

Well, the history lesson is over, boys and girls! That's my writing history in a nut shell.

Now to go do some reading. I may also work on some names as well.....

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