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Yesterday, there was something that I did that I was unaware of. It really bothered me yesterday. This happened at my job.

At Burger King yesterday, I was doing back cash. When I was done with back cash, I found out that I was $14.88 short! >_< I thought that I had everything but that's what they said! I was given a written warning, which I had to sign. "J" told me if this were to happen again, I would be suspended for a week from my job! @__@ I have been doing my best here and this is my first job! I don't want to get fired! It will ruin me for life! x_X

Well, I have some work to do today. It is a long shift, from 11 to 7. I just don't want to make the same mistake and get suspended. *sighs* I mean, it was quite busy during lunch! Someone could've just drove off!

I have to go and get ready now. Please pray that I make MUCH fewer mistakes. I really need to keep this job!

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