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It's okay. I had Subway for.....a midnight snack!

Today was one of my longer shifts. Tomorrow is my last day for a while.....*sigh* I checked the names of the people working for next week and I wasn't one of them. I felt better when I found out that those names were prepared two weeks in advance. Perhaps I'll come in next week and see if they have any work scheduled for me. Maybe they will. I mean, I just got hired!

On the other hand, this is good news for me. ^_^ I have a few more days of vacation before I have to work non-stop at my job. That few extra days will be good.

Anyway, after work today, I went to Subway and got a sub. I then called mom. She told me that she was cooking burgers and brats at home and told me NOT to eat the sub! I then put the sub away and saved it for later. I then took the sub home.

I got to get back to working on my story. I mean, if my characters were real, they would all wonder why I have neglected them for so long.....heh :P

I have such a passion for writing. I have to keep that passion alive. I can't ignore it, y'know?

Well, it's Subway snack time! I know it's not midnight yet, but it's close enough! Good night, journal!

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