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Burger Boy goes to work.....

Just to fill you in on yesterday, my first day of work went fine. On my first day of work, I had to work the broiler, which wasn't too hard. ^_^ I also toasted buns and placed them in the steamer. That's pretty much how yesterday went.

Today, I had to work the drive-thru. I was in charge of taking everyone's money and giving them change when needed. I did this for three hours. For the rest of the time, I cleaned dishes. The drive-thru was a little more strenuous then the broiler.....

Well, that's yesterday and today in a nutshell.....

I start work tomorrow in the morning from 11:00-4:00. It's little longer shift. Wish me luck! It may be something new like today!

Now, off to my room  to read my story. And then, bedtime. I'm coming, pillows! ^ ^

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