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Spira is finally safe now.....

I never mentioned this before, but on Friday, I beat Final Fantasy X-2. Fighting Vegnagun was not hard at all. But of course, I don't play by the rules. I used gameshark throughout the game. I mean, I can't win a FF RPG if I don't have any codes. It's just difficult and time consuming.

The time that I took to complete the game was 48:49. With Final Fantasy VII, it took me over 100 hours the last time I beat it. I did play it with limited codes and did ALL the side quests in the game.

Well, I did complete the game on Friday, but the percentage was 99%! >_< I don't know why it didn't read 100%. My brother and me had to get another code on-line to complete the game. The code did work, and I got 100% completion.

With that game done, I guess I can do some more reading.....

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