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Joan's on tonight.....

Does anybody watch Joan of Arcadia? It's on in less than an hour!

I don't know why I'm not getting an audience. Do my entries sound too boring? Is there too small of a number of people who know about my journal?

Oh well.....The most important thing to know is that God knows what I'm going through.....Do any of you have a problem out there? There's someone you can talk to who will listen. He knows everything that you've done in your life and he created you. This "someone" that you can talk to is God. Just know that whenever you have a problem, just take comfort to know that God knows what you're going through. If you'll let him in your life, he can help you through the problems that you're facing (if you have any).

God knows that I don't have too many people to talk to. The cool thing is that he already has something planned. I may not know what that is right now. In the meantime, I'll just stay patient and wait for God to reveal these things to me.

I'll write more about things pertaining to my story eventually.....I haven't continued on The Money Thief in a long time.....I need to continue.....

Well, that's it for now. Jesus loves you!

This dreaming writer is signing off for now!

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