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May 17th, 2004
05:59 pm


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Hurray for Rupert!

I never got the time to do this, so I'll do this right now. Congratulations to Rupert Boneham, for winning the second million dollars on Survivor's America's tribal council. He is by far the most liked survivor this season. I think he is even the most liked survivor in survivor history! ^_^ I feel so happy for Rupert. He lost the first time in Survivor: Pearl Islands. In Survivor: All Stars (This season), he made it to the final four and was voted off! Fortunately, CBS gave away another million dollars for another survivor, and America was able to vote for that survivor. I guess the third time is the charm, huh?

The Restaurant comes on tonight at 10:00 EST on NBC. The season finale is in one week (It's ending already? What a short series.....)

Well, I guess I can say that the pirate finally found his treasure!

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Current Music: Final Fantasy VII - Anxious Heart

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