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Some prayer would help.....

I have been working quite hard lately. My dad is a slave driver when it comes to work. >_< Yesterday, I had to work with or watch my dad work for about 5 hours.....I guess you could say that would be nice for the experience. However, there is a problem with just working at home. How am I going to get to know new people? If I have a job, I would be working with a stranger (which I wouldn't mind at all). Through the job, I would be able to get to know these "strangers" a little better and hopefully be able to make some new friends. I mean, I have never had a job before. Don't I deserve a chance to work? With a job, I also wouldn't have to be slaving with my dad at home on his project.

On Friday, I was able to go with my Math instructor on the lake and watch his son water-ski on one foot. The down side was that it RAINED like crazy....ughhh.....>_< Well, I can say that it was nice to see my Math instructor again.....

As for right now, I can see what I already have. However, I am not satisfied with what I don't have. Sure, I have a driver's license. But what about a job? How about some friends? I am just wondering what God's plan is for me in my life. How is he going to make all of this work? I don't mean to complain like this. It just gets hard to express yourself when you don't have that many people to talk to, y'know?

What I want is a Christian friend that I can really share my problems with. This friend would help me with all the questions I have about God's will for my life. I mean, I really want to have a better relationship with God. Can anyone pray for these things? I mean, you don't have really don't.....

Well, I haven't gotten out to the communities. I haven't had time lately. So I guess it's just madd_skillz and honchi reading this. I hope things work out.....I can't live this kind of life. I mean, you only live once, y'know? I don't want to screw up with the one chance I have in this world.

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