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Labor Time.....

Well, it's about time. in a few minutes, I will be going outside and will carrying out dad's cumbersome task.....>_< I really need to get a job soon.....I can't keep slaving away for my dad.....I need a job that pays, and dad doesn't pay that much.....>_<

I also need some more friends. Since I don't have inter-varsity Christian fellowship, my friend Brendan is in California, and Tony is going to Florida, I don't really have too many options for friends. I really need to go to church next week so that I'll get to know some people.....

Yesterday, I was able to throw out some old papers in my filing cabinet. It was mainly stuff from high school.

Well, God knows how much I ache inside for a friend. What I'm wondering is when he'll provide it for me. He knows when I need this friend. I'm just wondering when it will happen.

Okay, it's now time for Ryan and me to work. It's time to hack away at this cumbersome task.....

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