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More work tomorrow.....

Yeah.....My dad has me working with my brother tomorrow.....>_< We both have to do some rock shoveling.....Since dad wants to make the addition, he wants the 4 inch layer of rocks to be moved to the spot with less rocks. There is quite a bit of work involved.....>_<

Oh yeah.....I forgot to mention.About the job I interviewed for.....I got a letter about a few days ago saying that I didn't get the job! >_< Oh well.....Back to the drawing board.....

I can't wait until I get a real job. I go to get those applications in. I'm sick of carrying out my dad's chores.....

Well, I guess I'll be out there working tomorrow.....It would be nice if I got a life. I wish that I could get there. A job, some friends, a date.....Yeah.....

I'm just wondering when this time will come.....

Tags: rants
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