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Lots of work to do! >_

I have only two words that can describe last night: Job applications. Me, Ryan, and my dad did a lot of job hunting for applications last night. The total amount of applications that I got was 12.....Hopefully, there will be a response once I send these applications in.....

As for today, I have a lawn to cut. I also have a to dust and vacuum my room......>___< I may not be on here again today. There is a chance that I may get on.....

For all you Survivor fans, the second to last episode of Survivor is on tonight! After this episode, it will be the Final Four! ^_^ I hope Rupert is one of them.....

After Survivor, I'm going to bed. My mom got me up early.....>_< Last night, I went to bed late! >_< It will be nice going to bed early.....

Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to explore the communities for friends. I mean, it would be a whole lot nicer if I got a comment from more than one friend on this LJ.....

Okay, it's time to get to work.....

Updates on The Money Thief coming soon!

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