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April 28th, 2004
04:07 pm


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Yay! Job Interview! o_o

Oh yeah! I'm finally done with my winter semester......

Now it's time for a summer of fun. I hope to make some friends this summer.....

Whoo-hoo! ^_^ The county courthouse called yesterday and asked that I called them back about a job opportunity! ^_^ Today, I called them back and they arranged an interview for me on May 3rd at 3:00!  <^o^ Yes.....I really hope that I get hired. In the meantime, I should fill out some applications just in case I don't.....

What's the plan for the summer? Well, I do know that I'll be mowing the lawn A LOT.....I'll also be helping dad with his family room addition project.

Before I leave this semester behind me, I'd like to say that swimming went great today. We didn't even have to swim! ^_^ All we did was have a short lesson on lifeguarding. There were some students that volunteered to be "victims" in the diving pool. The other students threw life savers (not the candy, lol.....) out to the "victims" to "rescue" them. In my class, we each got a turn to be a "rescuer" and a "victim". After that, we were able to slide down the water slide three times! ^_^ Yeah......The last day of swimming couldn't be any better.....

I plan on doing a lot of reading this summer. That, and continuing on The Money Thief, as well as working on the remake of Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy.

See you around! I'll let you know if any vacations come up!

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Current Music: Final Fantasy X-2 - Yuna's theme

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