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April 25th, 2004
01:45 am


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Gah! Too late.....

It's very late for me to be posting. I am just relieved that I finally got my major assignment out of the way.

Yeah, I've been to Jesus Freaks before. Maybe I haven't been there enough. Maybe I need to join some more communities. It's much too late for me to join any right now. (I mean, it's almost 2 in the morning.....)

Well, other than working on my homework all day, I did get a little break. Around 5:00, mom, dad, my brother, and me went to Genji's, a Japanese Steak house and Sushi bar in our area.

When I ate there, I ordered the spicy tuna roll and the good times roll. My brother ordered the Jamaican roll and the Alaskan roll. I traded one of my rolls with my dad for a salmon roll. Before the sushi, we all had some hot soup with chives in it. The sushi was really good. ^_^

For my dinner, I ordered Hibachi Steak and Teriyaki Chicken. The beauty of this restaurant is that the table has a grilling surface in the middle of it and someone cooks right in front of you. The one that cooked at our table was from Laos. He did a juggling act to entertain us. When he was serving the food, he cooked a pile of rice, seasoned it, and served it to all of us. There were three other people at the other end of the same table as us. He then cooked and divided the shrimp among all of us. The last thing that came was the Teriyaki chicken. He cooked the chicken and seasoned it with Teriyaki sauce. We then each got a share of the chicken.

Then, it was time for dessert. I ordered a scoop of green tea ice cream for dessert. The meal was good. I have been waiting for a dinner like this. ^_^

We then went to Meijer so mom could exchange the receipt to get my jeans. After that, we went to Barnes and Noble, where Ryan and me bought Matrix Revolutions.

After that, we went home (or I should say I, since I did all the driving.) I then continued on my homework assignment. I am now finished.

Hoo, I am soooo tired. >_< I am going to go in my bedroom and crawl into bed. I'm kind of thinking of making some popcorn. Since this isn't my house, maybe I shouldn't. I don't want to wake my parents.....

Man, it's been a long day. I think I'll join some more communities. This journal needs some more interaction. I'll just need to work on that. Maybe I'll start with writing.....

Good night, journal!

Current Mood: tiredtired

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Date:April 25th, 2004 02:31 am (UTC)
Hmm... soup with chives... was it like a clear broth? Hm. Miso soup perhaps? :D I love those types of restaurants -- they're called Teppanyaki. ^^; I've only been to one in Hawaii, but that was sooo fun! :D I didn't know Michigan would have those types of places! XD You're so lucky! :3

Sounds like you had a good time, eh? ;)

I'm not fond of any seafood, especially raw stuff, but Adam loves that stuff! ^_^;

Ah, and Meijers. How I miss that crazy store! X3 They're only in MI and IN, and I think in IL, but I'm not sure... but yeah, I never seen them anymore since I'm out in the west coast. ;_; Oh well. ^^;

Popcorn is a bad thing to make that late because the smell lingers... and it's LOUD! XD LOL! ^^; But hopefully you found something to munch on! :D heh.

Good luck with your community search! There is also ljchristians and other such communities. When you have the time, just do a search. :D I know what you mean about being late -- I've been up ALL freakin' day cleaning and now my body HURTS LIKE HELL!! >__< Pardon my language, but I'm about to go collapse now. <__< I'm SOOO going to feel this tomorrow. I hope I can go to church. -_-; G'nite!
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