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The solution is today.....

The day has finally came. Some computer guy will be fixing both computers at home. This means that I will be able to type journal entries at home as well. Well, I don't have too much work to do this weekend.....

This semester is winding down.....For my summer activities, I would like to:

  • Read a whole lot of books
  • Get a summer job and work hard
  • Work on The Money Thief (I haven't touched that story in about a year! >_<)
  • Make wise use of my time (Don't want to waste time during the summer.....)
  • Work on remake of Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy (Creativity, don't fail me now!)
  • Stay in shape by riding my bike a lot (like I did last year.....)
  • Drink a lot of Mountain Dew livewire O_O
  • Have a good 20th birthday
  • Make more friends
  • Find the right girl (This may take some time)
  • Watch the 2004 Olympic Games (Coming this summer: "My Big Fat Greek Olympic Games")

This summer, my ideal dreams will end. The only way this will not be possible is if I have a lot of dreams this summer.

Well, I'm looking forward to a good summer.

Let the summer days begin.....

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