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Just to let you know.....

I couldn't really make any updates since my internet does not work at home. My mom is trying to get it to work today.

Well, this weekend was very productive. I went to my math instructor's house on Saturday night for the party. Some people from my inter-varsity Christian fellowship was there. We ate pizza and mostly talked. It was a good party.

There was some "lip service" this weekend. My "friend" Dylan was supposed to come over on Saturday and fix my computer. He called me on Friday night and told me this. On Saturday, I get word from my mom from Dylan's mom that he would come over on Sunday to fix it. Well, Sunday came and he still didn't come over. He probably only called because he was bored. Not that he was. He has many friends that he hangs out with. He also has his girlfriend to make him happy. Some "friend" he is!

Well, this semester is winding down (have I said that?). I got a 90% on my third essay. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I hope I did well on that Econ. test.....

I guess the moral for the weekend can be put this way: Don't trust a so-called friend that you can't rely on. They'll just give you lip service.

Is anybody reading this? All I hear is crickets in here!

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