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Car Trouble.....

As the title implies, that is what happened today. I had car trouble. Here's what happened.

This morning, we carpooled with dad again since dad wants to conserve money on gas. I started up the car and it started pretty fine. Or so I thought.....

Things were pretty normal so far. We drove to my sister's high school to drop her off. That was when dad told me to shut the car off. The battery light was on. I noticed this yesterday when I drove with Ryan but we never told dad. Big mistake. When dad checked the fanbelt, it was tight. The only problem was that when he turned the ignition, the car didn't start. There was no power to start the car! This created a problem for Ryan, dad, and my mom.

It was a problem for Ryan since he had an accounting test at 8:00. It was around 7:30 when this happened. Dad also had a 8:30 meeting.

Dad then used my cellphone to call mom to get the truck to jump start the station wagon. We happened to have a pair of jumper cables.

This inconvenienced mom since she had to go to work at around 9:00 and she had some stuff to do at home.

In about 15 minutes, mom was there with the truck. Working together, dad connected the jumper cables and mom started the car. With the car now on, we had to go straight to an auto electric place to get a new alternator.

We then went home, with the station wagon following the truck. After getting dad's cellphone at home, we took off for the auto electric place, which wasn't far from us.

I drove the station wagon and dad drove the truck. We arrived there and dropped the station wagon off. After that, we took off in the truck for my college.

On the way there, dad rescheduled his meeting at 8:30 for 9:15. We then arrived at college. Dad dropped Ryan and me off and told us he would arrive at 5:00 to pick us up.

Ryan ended up getting his accounting test rescheduled for Monday. As for me, I made it to my 11:00 Economics class, the only class that I had today.

I think that God wanted to show me a valuable lesson with the responsibility of my car. I think that he did a good job!

Well, the concert's tonight. My friends are coming over at 7:00. And then, it's off to the concert!

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