September 20th, 2004


Forgive my absence.....

I know that it has been a while since my last entry. The two reasons why I couldn't write anything those days was because of my homework and that I went down to my aunt's this weekend.

Overall, I am in pretty good shape on my homework. The one thing that I plan to do shortly is to work on my short story for Creative Writing.

Over the weekend, there was a lot of activity. First of all, instead of going down to my aunt's on Friday, we moved that date to Saturday. This gave me an extra day to work on my homework, which I used wisely.

On Saturday, we left the house in the morning around 9:30ish. My aunt lives in Farmington Hills, which is about two hours from where I live. Oakland county, the county she lives in has around 12 times more people than the county that I live in.

Since her house was being worked on, my family booked a room at a hotel that was about 2 miles from her house.

During Saturday, I pretty much chilled. On Sunday, my brother and I got ready to go to church while the rest of my family didn't go. They wanted a weekend to relax. The church that I went to was my aunt's and uncle's church. It was smaller than the one I usually go to at home but the service was still good. It was about being blameless, upright, fearing God, and shunning evil. The passage we read was the beginning of Job.

After this service, my aunt took my brother, me, her kids, and my grandparents back to her house. Once there, we had Bagels from Einstein Bros.

My parents came there at around noon. Before we left, my grandpa had a lesson to tell my sister. This concerned her behavior, and how she wanted to move out when she has no way to support herself. They were comparing her behavior to the way that Kelly acted at her age.

Kelly is my dad's oldest brother. There is a sad story concerning him that can't remain untold.

When my uncle Kelly was my sister's age (16), he started to rebel against his parents. He was the kind that followed people and did whatever they did. My grandpa told Kelly that he needed to get an education and not waste his time partying. Kelly objected against them when he was told that. My grandpa then told Kelly that his younger brothers and sister will be going to college and getting degrees. He also told Kelly that they would get careers and turn out having nice families. Kelly joked with my grandpa, telling him that he would be getting a degree in partyology. For Kelly, this would have him hanging out, drinking, and partying.

Sadly, Kelly ended up getting arrested and got thrown in jail. Since then, he has been in and out of jail most of his life.

Finally, Kelly got sentenced to three years in prison. He will be released in December. It really hurt my grandparents having Kelly rebel against them for thirty years. This puts Kelly's age at 49.

Since then, my grandparents have been praying for him all the days that he is in prison. My grandparents also has their church praying for him as well. Since he has been sober, he really looked back at his life with regrets of doing what he did. He really is trying to have a positive aspect now.

It will be hard for Kelly when he leaves prison. He will be staying with my grandparents. Kelly's outlook is "That was then, this is now". That is a good and positive outlook. God doesn't look at your past once you have asked him to cleanse you of your sins. My grandparents said that it will be like the story of the Prodigal Son when Kelly comes out of prison.

With that story, my grandpa tried to drive the point home to my sister not to take the path that Kelly did. He told her to listen to her parents and hang out with Christian friends. He told her that he was concerned and didn't want her to turn out like Kelly. He told her to stay home and get an education. It brought him to tears thinking about my sister since it reminded him of how Kelly was at that age.

At around 4:00 in the afternoon, we took off for home. Once there, I did my laundry and watched some TV. I then went to bed.

Today, I plan on getting my story started for Creative Writing. I can't stall in doing so.

In the friendship department, I'm not worried. While we only see only the small details of something, God helps us to see the whole picture. I'm not worried in what I don't have yet. It will come with time.

Now it's time to begin my story. 1.....2.....3.....begin!

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