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September 8th, 2004

September 8th, 2004
08:57 am


Catch up day.....

I'm sorry if I haven't posted anything in a couple days. Yesterday, I was really busy in getting my homework done for college. The only thing that remains is the long-term homework, which I'll work on today. I only have one class so today will be a good time to catch up. Since my dad wanted to carpool again this year, I can't come and go as I please.

Today at 2:00 is my Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. Since I had fun with it last year, I will be attending the meetings again. The first meeting was last week and I missed it. Meh..... T__T

Well, my only class for today starts in one hour. More updates later on.....

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04:21 pm


Here we go!

Curiosity got the best of me. I started reading arashel 's journal from the first entry and some other entries throughout. Before I did that, I had my first Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship of the year.

These meetings are quite fun and informative to go to. It is held at my college in one of the small conference rooms. I met two new people there. The meeting was led by the Math instructor that I had last year.

Now to cut to the chase. Today, I learned about dynamic faith, deceptive faith, and dead faith. The passage we read from was in James 2. To sum up the key point, faith without works is dead. I may have learned this before, but it was good to be reminded of it again.

Going back to what I mentioned above, I read a few of arashel's entries. I was just curious and wanted to see the entries that were made at the birth of that journal.

Looking at my faith, I can say that it has elevated over the past few weeks. It started from reading honchi's entry about a barber. Reading through all the comments, I never thought that there would be so much discussion. What really got my attention was reading arashel's comments. In these comments, I saw how strong and faithful she was to God. This got me thinking, "where do I stand with my faith?" I asked myself "how close am I to God?"

Over the next few weeks, I was praying that I would have a closer relationship with God and for him to direct me in my life. I was doing this at night, before I went to bed. This really made me happier and  more joyful.

Looking at myself, I wanted to be less stagnant and much more active. This better reflected my high school years. I was much more active then. I prayed about these things as well.

I really desire to be bursting with activity. I mean, I only wrote one book this summer! I know that this all can't happen in one day. It may take several days. Patience is full tolerance to the flow of time. God uses time to reshape us according to his plan.

I would also like to have more friends. What am I saying? I at least want a healthy friendship, for starters. In high school, I met many people there. However, the friendship didn't go beyond that. Looking at my social status, I trust that God will provide me with the friends I need.

I now plan on working on my homework. I eventually want to get around to reading more of Apollyon, the fifth book in the Left Behind series. I could also start on Shadowmancer, a book by G.P. Taylor.

Let the homework begin!

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