July 31st, 2004


More BK.....

I have to work today at Burger King. Today's shift is from 11 to 4. It's just an ordinary shift.

Over the past couple days, I have asked God to bring joy into my life. Last night, I asked to feel his presence in my life. I mean, since he is our Father, I would like to know that he's close and not distant from me, y'know?

There is one month remaining until I start my fall semester at college. I don't want to regret this last month. In this month, I really want to finish my story. That is one accomplishment that I wanted to do this summer. One good thing about college is that I have a creative writing class. That should be fun! ^_^

Over this summer, I have not really made any friends. Hopefully, that will be made up at college. Trust and faith is something that I want to hang on to, and I'm not letting go!

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