July 28th, 2004


Vacation.....Oh yeah!

Well, not really. The ones that are taking a vacation are my family in my story. My kids, my wife, and me are all leaving the Walker Estate to go to Quis Vegas. Quis Vegas would be what you would call the "Casino District" of Quisthar. For those of you who don't know about Quisthar, here are the facts.

Quisthar is a city of the future in my story. It was established in 1984 by Ronald Heights, the founder of Quisthar. What he did was use a time machine to go back to 1984. In this era, he set up the city. As quoted from my previous story, "Quisthar originated as an  international joint-project among 11 countries: The United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, China, and Japan.". Ronald Heights created this plan to build this city and got 11 countries to agree on it. According to my previous story again, "Their main goal was to design a city of the future that would reflect the age of technology as we know it."

In January of 1984, Ronald gave those countries the plan and assigned the countries different jobs for the project. The United States drew out the blueprint while Japan was put in charge of designing the technologies that would be incorporated in the city. Russia was in charge of the finance for the whole project. All of the countries were responsible for building all the skyscrapers in the city. The original project had 5.6 trillion dollars invested in it. The problem was that they didn't know where to build the city. When they surveyed the land in Canada, they found plenty of land there.

The quote continues with the following: "So in February 5, 1984, the Canada Land Treaty was signed by the 10 other countries that wanted to work on the project. Canada agreed to give the countries 420,000 square miles of territory. The boundary line ran from Sault Ste. Marie to Ottawa. All the territory below the boundary line was given to the [other 10] countries. Japan, in return, promised to make a fraction of Ontario's cities floating cities. Ottawa, too, agreed to that idea."

With the new building methods, the city was set up fairly quick. The city was complete in April 3, 1984 with 35 buildings (including the Presidential Residence). There was 25,000 people from 11 countries that worked on the project.

With the city complete, they needed a name for the city. They wanted the name to reflect both technology and beauty. One week later, the name "Quisthar" was decided by the Japanese that contributed to the project.

On April 15, 1984, the city was opened to the public. Thousands of people entered the city for a new place to live. The city had 8.5 million people by May.

In June, Sorcerer Henry seized the city and took control of it. A kind person by the name of Judd Williams ended Henry's reign on Quisthar and became president as a result.

In July, there was a fertility problem in Quisthar. One woman had octoplets. In two days, there were 37 more women that conceived octoplets. This problem would have to be solved to avoid overpopulation. Four days later, world-renowned Scientist Dr. Fredrick J. Tenker found out the cause of the problem. He could only conclude that a mixture of chemicals in the air from the new city  formed a virus that caused multiple births in women. Other side-effects were also evident at this time.

When Dr. Tenker finally figured out a solution to the problem, overpopulation was inevitable. Quisthar had 73,000,000 people. It was January of 1985 when he put the solution into action. Tenker used a helicopter to throw a chemical bomb, capable of killing only the birth virus within a 10,000 mile radius. The chemicals ended up killing the virus. The amount of births decreased from 5-8 per mother to 1-3. In 2003, Quisthar had 328,500,000 people. In 2030, Quisthar had 400,000,000 people.

I know that the history of Quisthar was pretty lengthy. You must have a lot of patience if you are still reading this. One other fact about Quisthar is that it has buildings that are hundreds of stories tall. Quis Vegas was created in 2010.

Well, me and my "wife" will be looking forward to a fun vacation in Quis Vegas! The only one who won't enjoy the casinos will be my "daughter" Zentroz, who just hates gambling.

Well, that' it. I let you know about my progress on my story!

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