July 10th, 2004


Still no pictures.....

In my last entry, someone told me about photobucket.com. Well, that would be a nice site to use.....IF I COULD USE IT!!!!!!! That site "limited" the number of new users per day. WHAT?! That's absolute proof right there. Things always don't go my way. This must be an act of God. He doesn't want me to post those pictures. Why? What kind of God is that?
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I know that it took about 4 months but they are finally here. The piccys from my trip to Chicago are in. I would've shown them to you earlier but it took FOREVER for my mom to develop the last of the pictures. Well, here are the pictures on my trip to Chicago.

This picture tour begins on the tour bus. In the center, you can see my brother. In the back of the bus, you can see me to the right. My sister is to the left.

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All in all, that Chicago trip was amazing.

Now I'll go work on my story. I have a list to complete.....

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