July 6th, 2004



Well, I hope.....If Brendan is around today, Ryan and me can pick him up and we can have sushi. My brother, madd_skillz , finally got his driver's license! I've been wanting to get sushi for a long time but I couldn't since my brother didn't have his license yet. That's not so anymore. Now we can get some sushi.....

The place that we would get some sushi would be at Meijers. They have a display of sushi toward the front of the store, to the right from all the registers.

Well, I got to go to my job in an hour and a half.....T___T But after that, I can get Brendan and have some sushi.....^_^

One other thing.....I do have some Chicago pictures now. The only problem is that I can't "tag" them to my livejournal. I scanned all the pictures I wanted to display. I just don't have a website to host them.....@___@ I need some help here!

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