June 24th, 2004


From steady to slow.....

I hope that I get plenty of hours after Fourth of July weekend! For work, I have to work today from 11 to 5. I then work again on Saturday, from 10 to 4. After that, I just have the Thursday before the Fourth of July weekend. I signed to have that weekend off and I got it off.

Well, I got some rented video games that I have to return to the video store before I go to work. Today after work, I will be going to the mall and buying a book and a CD.

After going to the mall, I plan on reading. I will then start on the G's for my story.

Well, I got to go get ready. I guess I'll be signing off now!

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    Six Pence - Breathe Your Name (Yup. No FF song this time!)