June 8th, 2004


Jefferson's Class of 2030: The F's

Last night, I was able to work on my latest story: The Money Thief. With the story, I made a world- acclaimed academy with 7000 students, known as Jefferson Four Year Academy. My kids in the story will be graduating on top from this academy. I myself have set a challenge before me: To create the class of 2030. To do this, I'll need to think of 1750 names for the students (first, middle, last for each one). I already have some of the important names figured out. These names would be the top ten students, as well as some twins, triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets that attend the academy.

To make all these names, I figured the number of last names from A to Z. I am on the F's right now.

Well, I got to work today from 11 to 4. I got to get ready.

My mom's birthday is tomorrow. Go mom!

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